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With the reliability of us humans on the web for every single thing, the world has become more and more lazy and indoor loving. Be it shopping to ordering in food, we try to step out of our houses as less as we can. This has lead to lesser bodily exercises and more bone related weaknesses. The degraded quality of nutrition available to us has also given a rise to several Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis cases.
Irrespective of the gender and also the age, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis today affect millions of people over the world and we are no exception.
Osteoporosis is a decrease in the bone density which occurs when the body stops producing as much bone as it did before while Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition of the joints wherein the cartilage breaks down and causes pain and swelling.
Welcome to Osteo in Glen Iris! Osteo understands how the pain affects you and makes your life harder. We are also aware of how you are frantically searching for ways to alleviate this pain.
Here at Osteo Glen Iris, we have an efficient and reliable staff at your service to offer you with our best pain management solutions. A table of reputed and highly experienced osteopaths can be consulted with so they can give you theappropriate medications to provide you relief from all the pain. Moreover, we are not just about prescribed painkillers. We are more than that. We will also provide you with a regime of exercises that should aide your recovery by improving flexibility and giving you back your physical strength and the lost confidence that you had and make you fitter than ever.
Although both males and females suffer from these two bone related issues, Osteo-related problems occur mostly to women after their menopause because of an influx in estrogen, the hormone that is responsible in protecting the bones against deterioration. So we provide hormone therapies to overcome your problems too.
Our clinic is one other most reputed ones here in Glen Iris and we promise you premium services so that life becomes easier for you once again because your freedom should know no limits! Make sure to drop by to know more.